I thought I would introduce myself so that you would have an idea of who will be creating your precious memories. 

Mike & I fell in love more than 30 years ago & we're still madly in love & are grateful for our beautiful family. We have 3 incredible children & an adorable grandson (that's his cute little face above)! South Africa was our home until July 2017 when we relocated to London.

I homeschooled our children until they switched to distance learning in their upper years & needed me less.  I wanted what I did next to make a difference in people's lives. I did much soul searching and then one day I knew beyond a doubt that I had found it - I wanted to capture precious family moments & create art to help people to remember forever what they treasure the most family!

Hi, it's great to have you here!


It's great to
have you here!

Family truly is everything to me! And it is family that is my greatest motivation in what I do - capturing images that celebrate & document your family's story.

We all know how time flies as our children grow! The only way to freeze these precious moments in time is with photographs - timeless photographs that speak straight to your heart - that overwhelm you with feelings of warmth & nostalgia whenever you walk past them.

Family is everything

I believe portrait photography is not about posing, it’s about creating an environment in which you feel comfortable & capturing real moments, genuine emotion & the unique story of your family.


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