EXIST in Photos for Your Children

by Nicky Ward, 6th September 2018

In a recent ‘One Year Milestone’ shoot, the candid shots I took while the mom was settling her little one turned out to be my favorites. When I wondered why, I realised that it was because I loved the connection they captured.

Photographs are the only way of capturing a moment and converting it into a treasured memory.

So, the next time your kids (or your partner) want to take a photo with you (and everything inside of you wants to pull away as you run through all the reasons why not) ask yourself the right question…
NOT: What do I look like?
BUT: What precious memory am I about to create?

When we avoid being in photos with our children, we are robbing them of precious memories of our togetherness, of our connection with them.

You may look at a photo and see “this flaw” & “that flaw” BUT all your family sees is YOU! All your family sees is love, connection, togetherness, belonging!

Help your children to remember the special things that you did with them. The cuddles, the connection, the games you played together…

If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

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