‘Sitter Sessions’

by Nicky Ward, 23rd September 2019

I absolutely love sitter sessions!

Planned for a time when your baby is comfortably sitting on their own (normally around 6 – 10 months), this is definitely a milestone you don’t want to miss capturing:

Chubby cheeks. Adorable rolls. Dimples. Big eyes. Gummy smiles. Cute giggles – they’ve got it all at this age! They are so curious & fascinated with everything around them ~ sights, sounds, textures ~ which is incredibly cute to capture.

Looking back at my own kids, this stage passes so quickly! As soon as they start to crawl & walk, all those chubby little rolls & baby ‘squish’ start disappearing, so you want to capture it while it’s still there!

Sitter sessions are 45mins – 1 hour, super relaxed, fun & totally directed by the happiness & comfort of your baby. They typically include much playing, singing, clapping, peek-a-boo & anything else that makes your little one happy!

If you’re in my area I’d love to meet you & have the opportunity to create memories for you & your little ones!


Newborn, Maternity & Family Photographer based in Hampton, London